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  1. Nov-08 ---Ultimate Dog Food Is Beyond Words
  2. Jul-08 ---Navel Ill and RMSF - the Survivors!
  3. Mar-08 ---Dynamite Director Mitch Seavey Wins All Alaska Sweepstakes Sled Dog Race in Record Time!
  4. Jan-08 ---Healthy "Old" Bernese Mountain Dog
  5. Oct-07 ---Anatolian Shepherd and RMSF Success Story
  6. Apr-07 ---3 Point Major at 14 Months
  7. Mar-05 ---Sara's Story - Giardia Success
  8. Mar-04 ---Iditarod Champion 2004 is Dynamite!
  9. May-03 ---Senior Pets Thrive on Dynamite®!
  10. Apr-02 ---Rescued Visla has a Dynamite® New Life
  11. Feb-02 ---Goldens thrive on Dynamite®
  12. Apr-01 ---Junior Iditarod Champion Tyrell Seavey is Dynamite!
  13. Nov-00 ---Frederick, Dachshund Extraordinaire, Walks Again
  14. Nov-00 ---Senior Great Dane
  15. Mar-00 ---Dynamite® Dog Food vs. Gum Problems
  16. Oct-99 ---Squiggy Glows on Dynamite® Chicken and Rice Dog Food
  17. Jul-99 ---Senior Whippets of Stepmar
  18. Jun-99 ---14 Year Old Dynamite® Chessie!
  19. Feb-99 ---Dynamite Mushing Dogs
  20. Apr-96 ---Laddie's Second Chance (A Comeback from Kidney Failure)

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