Laddie’s Second Chance (A Comeback from Kidney Failure)

Issue Date: 04/01/1996 Dynamite Results

Laddie's Second Chance (A Comeback from Kidney Failure) From Dynamite® customer Paul Tornblad, Redland, OR
(written to Dynamite® Senior Director Lou Paolo, Oregon City, OR)
The Vet said, "There is just no hope. Just because your dog is urinating doesn't mean that he will make it. He is in the final stages of kidney failure; we can put him to sleep for you." My reply was quick and right to the point, "No thanks, I wouldn't do that to my dad and I won't do it to my dog either."
That night as I drove the hour towards my home, Laddie laying weakly on the seat next to me, my thoughts flashed back over the last 13 years that I had been this dog's best friend. This border collie was such a natural cattle dog that when he was a pup he would take on my biggest herd bull, like a black and white flash, regardless of the mud and the kicks; the years he lived with my dad and the bond that the three of us shared together; then later, after dad had died, the many, many miles that Laddie and I hiked through the wilderness while I dealt with my grief, loss and pain. Yep, Laddie was always with me through those long cold winter nights, always ready to hit the trail before first light.
And now, at 53 years of age, as I have basically started a new life with my new very best friend; the three of us have hiked so many miles together. And Laddie, did he accept my new lady? Well, a little slowly at first, a nip here and a nip there, but, that was only because it took him some time to understand that someone else was now very important to me besides him. Darn old dog must have been a little jealous, thought he had me all to himself after dad died.
"Well Laddie, this is probably our last trip together," I said as I drove along towards home, fully expecting that he wouldn't make it through the next weekend. I must admit, the tears flowed freely as that old black and white friend still found enough strength to slip his nose under my arm and push it up in an effort to get just one more Pat on his head. "Damn you, you old mutt, you're just a dog, why do I like you so much!"
But as I carried Laddie into the house that night, My Lady had other ideas. You see, she does not give up easily. "Honey," she said to me, "I talked to a friend of mine today and she thinks she can help! Why don't we take her advice and try her products." Sure. I would try anything, but after spending more than $200 at the Vet, I didn't really think anything would help.
Now, I am not into giving out recommendation and testimonials easily, because, I think most of these kinds of deals arejust a "put-up job." So, you can believe me or not, I really don't care! All I am going to do is to tell you what happened, but, you can count on this Mountain Man to speak the truth!
Well, it was Monday night and the dog didn't appear to be in any pain, so I had decided that if Laddie could hold on until the next Sunday, we could perhaps build a few more memories for a day or two, then, I would do the merciful thing and put him down like a man should. Regardless, I went along with My Lady's friend, Lou Paolo, a Dynamite® Animal Products dealer, who suggested the following:
First of all, throw away all of that store bought dog food because it is just too hard on the kidneys; that was easy because he hadn't eaten in a week.
Next, stimulate his appetite with DynaPro(tm) (13 drops) and a wet mixture of Dynamite Ester C® (a powder Vitamin C) and Dynamite Showdown(tm) (a Vitamin Mineral Supplement for Dogs).
So we spoon fed Laddie this stuff even though we had to hold his head up because he was too weak to sit up, and what do you know, he began to drink a little water laced with Solace(tm) Colloidal Silver and lick on a mixture of raw eggs, rice, and on little chunks of chicken and pork, with gravy mixed in. In fact, by Sunday night, all thoughts of "putting him down" were forgotten, because, it was apparent that Laddie wanted to live to hike in the mountains again with us.
Now, here we are four months later, Laddie is back to his normal self, only now his diet is quite different, you advised us to feed him DynamitePremium Dog Food, and not too much, and only once a day in the evenings. Again, all I can say is that it worked for us, and obviously, it works just fine for Laddie. If you want to know who I am, just ask Lou.
(Paul Tornblad, Redland, OR)
Paul and Laddie, hiking again!

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