Dynamite Results

Humi-Zyme RX™ Crops

Humi-ZymeRX™ Results!

Orchids Thrive with Prescription Treatment Rx

HumiZyme RX — The Amazing Green Blob!

Resurrection with HumiZyme RX!

Humi-Zyme RX™ Pasture – and “Amazing Green Blob” Update!

Humi-Zyme-Plus™ – Don’t Plant Without It!

Montana’s monster beet!

Kill weeds naturally with our new Apple Cider Vinegar!

Humi-Zyme-RX™ Lawn Results!

Raising Hay: to HumiZyme or not to HumiZyme

Thanksgiving Petunias with CCF

Moki, A Dynamite Bunny

Wildlife Rehab with DynaPro™

Dynamite® Musk Oxen!

Dynamite® Alpacas


A Champion Again at Age 24! (Founder Recovery)

Dynamite Stakes Winner

Foundered Hunter Comes Back

APHA World Champion Baileys With A Zip

3 Million Dollar Winner, Great Communicator

28 Year Old Show Mare!

Sandman, Abandoned in the Everglades – then and now!

IA Bay’s Hope – A Champion Once Again!

Wound Salve™ versus Snake Bite

Arab Cutter Winning Again with Free and Easy™

Shining in South Dakota

Thirty-two Year Old Dynamite® Pony

Scott Martin and Shorty Lenas Notice Win PCCHA Futurity!

Amazing Omner’s Whole Story — Omner is soon to be a Breyer horse!!

Dynamite® Products for Foaling

Dappled and Gorgeous in Selah

Congratulations Loreen DH, USDF #1 Training Horse of the Year

Congrats Dynamite® Director Aimee Brimhall, now PNH Level 4!!

NATRC Region 1 Novice Lightweight Horse and Novice Lightweight Rider

Rosi’s Dynamite® Miracle Foal

A Star is Born — Hanoverian Filly from 17 year old maiden mare!

A Dynamite® Breeding Program

30 year old Dynamite mare! Happy Birthday, Belle…….

The Rest of Omner’s Mission

Alex the pony pulls through with Dynamite®

Manhattan aka “Horton” Wins at Prix St. George

Dynamite® Director Potato Richardson wins the Tevis . . . Again!

Congrats Bev Gray and Paladin – US Equestrian Team!

Dynamite® Filly sets Ruidoso Track Record!

The power of a simple program! TB rescue mare

34 year old Dynamite® pony keeps on tickin’

World Champion POA is Dynamite!

Surprise Colt……….Mother Nature knows best!

Dynamite® Musk Oxen!

Dynamite® Alpacas

Humi-Zyme-RX(tm) Lawn Results!

Kill weeds naturally with our new Apple Cider Vinegar!

Senior Pets Thrive on Dynamite®!

Polar’s Pearl is a 10! Highest Scoring Mare in American Trakehner Assn.

Orphan foal thrives on Dynamite!

Powerhouse Foals on Dynamite

Raising Hay: to HumiZyme or not to HumiZyme

Thanksgiving Petunias with CCF

Happy Winter from Resting Heart Farm

Paul Drake and Alanti Win Their First Gran Prix

Dynamite Products Assist a Foal with Clostridium Infection

Foundered, Cresty Mare Blossoms on TNT and HES Pellets

Surprise Colt……….Mother Nature knows best!

25 And Better Than Ever On Easy Balance

Navel Ill and RMSF – the Survivors!

Vogue’s Songs – A Story of Love and Survival

Ultimate Dog Food Is Beyond Words

Dynamite Director Mitch Seavey Wins All Alaska Sweepstakes Sled Dog Race in Record Time!

Healthy “Old” Bernese Mountain Dog

3 Point Major at the Bouvier des Flandres Club in 14 Months

Anatolian Shepherd and RMSF Success Story

Sara’s Story – Giardia Success

Iditarod Champion 2004 is Dynamite!

Dynamite Gold Director Regan Golob climbed Mt. Rainier!

Steve’s facial laceration heals fast with Dynamite® help!

Dynamite® is for kids! Sophia Molloy’s story……

Is Dynamite® the Fountain of Youth??

Healing with Wound Balm™

Rescued Visla has a Dynamite® New Life

Goldens thrive on Dynamite®

Junior Iditarod Champion Tyrell Seavey is Dynamite!

Dynamite® Woman Snowboarder is Olympic Hopeful!

Senior Great Dane

Frederick, Dachsund Extraordinaire, Walks Again

Dynamite® Rescue Kitten

A “New” Cat with Dynamite® Help!

Dynamite® Dog Food vs. Gum Problems

Squiggy Glows on Dynamite® Chicken and Rice Dog Food

Physician Still Hiking at age 80+ with Free and Easy™

Senior Whippets of Stepmar

Kitty Cancer Survivor

14 Year Old Dynamite® Chessie!

Big Mike Is A New Man!

Laddie’s Second Chance (A Comeback from Kidney Failure)