Big Mike Is A New Man!

Issue Date: 04/01/1999 Dynamite Results

"Big Mike" Is A New Man! From Dynamite Director Kay Aubrey-Chimene, Tucson, AZ:
Last summer, I had the opportunity to spend three nights a week for three months in Nogales, AZ with my Mother and stepfather -"Big Mike" Crabtree. Big Mike is 80+ years old (no one knows for sure and he ain't telling) and he had quadruple heart bypass surgery in 1986. In the summer of '97 he developed Congestive Heart Failure and none of us really expected him to make it. His blood pressure went up to 220 over 165 and at 6'4" his weight had gone up close to 300 pounds. The VA in Tucson placed him on a blind study of new medicines and he improved greatly but was still having problems by last summer. His weight was still up and blood pressure was stabilized at about 175 over 110. By this time the VA had him on three Lasix per day to try to remove the fluid build up and was giving him Potassium supplements and stool softeners. The last was for his problems with constipation - he felt lucky if he had more that one bowel movement per 7-10 days. As you can tell - he was very uncomfortable!

hu8-1I asked if I could try to help and he agreed to try some changes. First - I asked my mother - Cris - to stop baking a loaf of bread every day and replace his usual breakfast of bread and peanut butter with a big bowl of fruit. He started taking two Dynamite Plus(tm)and eight Herbal Green(tm) per day and one ounce of Elixir(tm) both morning and evening. Within three weeks his bowels had started moving more normally. By the end of the month the VA had to lower his Lasix to one per day and dropped all of their potassium supplements because his blood pressure had dropped too low. It has now stabilized at about 130 over 80. He has lost 60 pounds and just had a completely clean Cat Scan due to a fuzzy spot on a routine chest X-ray. And, he now has a regular bowel movement every day!
Needless to say my folks are now true believers. My mother has taken Melaleuca supplements for years and has now switched completely to Dynamite®.

"Big Mike" at age 84!

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