Kitty Cancer Survivor

Issue Date: 06/02/1999 Dynamite Results

Kitty Cancer SurvivorFrom Dynamite Director Sherry Coughlin, Mission, Kansas
Lily (bottom, right) is a 13 year old tiger cat who is my special friend. She had a fibrosarcoma removed from her left shoulder in November, 1997. This tumor was a result of the aluminum that is contained in her rabies and feline leukemia shots. Vets gave these shots in the shoulder and that's where the tumors grew. There has been a suggestion coming from the vet community that these shots should be given in the legs of our pets so that if they get the resulting tumors, they can just amputate a leg! (My comments cannot be printed here.),
The fibrosarcoma is very tricky and grows back unless you get it all. I got the bad news that we didn't get it all, and I was offered some undesirable options like more surgery to remove a lot of her shoulder or chemotherapy. My instincts said, "NO," we will try nutrition. Judy Sinner gave me strength and support and armed me with Dynamite® cancer fighters! We put Lily on Catalyst Water(tm) and a pinch of S.O.D.(tm) each day. I give her the S.O.D.(tm) in a tiny bit of tuna to assure that she eats it. These products are helping boost her immune system so that she can fight the cancer herself.
Lil' bought into the program and is looking and feeling super! She has more energy and interest in life than I've seen in a couple of years. I have been giving her a DROP of Vitality(tm) every other day because her little legs were so scrawny and her muscles were losing integrity. She has gained weight and is definitely more muscled up. The cancer specialty vet told me it was only a matter of months before would lose Lil'. . . Soon it will be a year since Lily had her tumor surgery. Lily and housemate Oscar also get Ester-C® and DynaPro(tm) every day.



2003 Update:
Lily lived happily for three more years after her surgery
and "death sentence", and died of old age recently.


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