Physician Still Hiking at age 80+ with Free and Easy™

Issue Date: 09/27/1999 Dynamite Results

Physician Still Hiking at age 80+ with Free and Easy(tm)

It is a privilege to share some personal experiences with a Dynamite® product, Free and Easy(tm) for Humans.


I have an MRI-confirmed degenerative change in the lower lumbar spine dating to a ruptured disk injury a few years ago. I was experiencing a slowly progressive pain, discomfort and stiffness in the lower back, made worse by over activity. Since at 80+ years of age I still enjoy daily 5 mile hikes, gardening, and helping out on my daughter's horse farm, I was disappointed that various anti-inflammatory medications, selective exercises, lumbar support and other options were not giving me results.

Since I have taken several Dynamite® supplements for about 15 years now, a loving daughter suggested that I add Free and Easy(tm) when it became available. I am very happy with the response, having only minimal early morning stiffness, and much more mobility. I now use lumbar support only when doing activity that may strain my lower back. I am very impressed with Free and Easy(tm).

Art Borchardt, Osteopathic Physician/Surgeon
Yakima, WA

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