Squiggy Glows on Dynamite® Chicken and Rice Dog Food

Issue Date: 10/10/1999 Dynamite Results

Squiggy Glows on Dynamite® Chicken and Rice Dog Food From Dynamite Gold Director Judy Sinner, Selah, WA

Pictured here are the results of a rather haphazard "feeding trial" to prove the capabilities of Dynamite® Chicken and Rice Dog Food. "Squiggy" (so called because we don't know her real name) is a dog from my neighborhood who was looking so sad and scruffy that I just had to start feeding her. She is now about a year old, and actually belongs to some neighbors down the lane who found her last fall as a puppy. This spring, she met and fell in love with Waldo, the Bassett who belongs to my neighbor up the hill, and my farm is on a direct route for her when she goes to visit every morning. She is very sweet, probably a Border Collie and something mix. So out came the Dynamite® food, in good stoneware on the deck, of course. The first photo is day 1, in April of 1999. You can see all the dead coat, and this is even after we had been brushing her and had given her a bath of sorts. Photo number 2 is in early July, a totally different dog both physically and energetically. This is on just a couple of cups of our food a day, and sometimes not even every day if I was out of town. And bear in mind that she was also still eating "whatever" food they feed her at home, as well as pizza and other human food that she weasels out of my other well-meaning neighbor. Squiggy just glows, and so do my HumiZyme RX petunias that grace her dining area!

Squiggy just starting on Dynamite® food, April 1999
Squiggy in July 1999


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