Dynamite® Dog Food vs. Gum Problems

Issue Date: 03/18/2000 Dynamite Results

Dynamite® Dog Food vs. Gum Problems From Dynamite Supervisor Maggie Caplan, Sun City, AZ

I also wanted to tell you that we have had our dogs on Showdown® supplement, and one dog on the Dynamite® Chicken and Rice Food, for about five or six weeks. Our dogs had been on Wysong maintenance or senior, based on their ages. While we felt it was a wonderful program, we also gave them a vitamin supplement. I saw an improvement in our nine-yr-old Akita when we changed to Wysong from Nature's Recipe. The other two seemed to stay the same, which was OK. However, our little dog, who was a stray we rescued, always had gum problems. Even after we had his teeth cleaned, his gums were always inflamed and tender, and he didn't like to chew on hard things. The vet said they were ok, but I felt he had some gum disease going on.

I had to pulverize his vitamin to get him to eat it. So Dynamite Showdown® powder sounded good to me. We switched to that, and then I thought why not try the food, too. So we started him on it, while we use what's left of the Wysong on the other two dogs. Well, Roger's gums are now a normal color, although he still has a little dark pink line right at the base of the teeth. But for the first time, his gums are looking pretty good. (I have also been brushing their teeth twice a week for a long time, and in the past I have given his gums a soaking with an herbal solution daily, so we had tried everything!) We feel this is a real breakthrough, and it is due to Dynamite®. Soon we will be out of Wysong food, and the other dogs will begin with the Dynamite®. Just wanted you to know how pleased we are.


Roger (rt) and friends!

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