Frederick, Dachsund Extraordinaire, Walks Again

Issue Date: 11/19/2000 Dynamite Results
Frederick, Dachsund Extraordinaire, Walks Again

From Dynamite Distributors Bill and Diane Smith, Shelby Township, MI

Frederick was a very healthy rambunctious 7 year old Dachshund when he suddenly experienced a herniated disc. Emergency surgery was performed on his spinal cord to relieve the pressure and to remove the disc material from his spinal canal. The surgeon was not optimistic about Little Frederick's chances of walking again. In his words, "It is highly unlikely that Frederick will walk again." Of course, my wife and myself were devastated. I immediately turned to the Internet to find any information on Invertebral Disc Disease and available treatments. I found a group for disabled Dachshunds called Able Dogs. This group advocated the use of vitamins such as glucosamine, chondroitin, and Ester C® but no members appeared to use a commercially tested and approved product. My searches led me to Dynamite Marketing, which has a tested product available called Free & Easy(tm). Free & Easy(tm) contains those vitamins mentioned earlier along with many others. I ordered a supply and immediately started including it in Frederick's diet. Within 2 weeks, Frederick stood up. He then gradually & slowly improved. Now, 8 months later and Frederick accompanies his proud owners around the neighborhood and can even run! I am so impressed with the results that I have applied to become a Distributor. We look forward to helping other dogs improve their health and making pet owners happy again.
Regards. . .Bill , Diane & Frederick

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