Senior Great Dane

Issue Date: 11/19/2000 Dynamite Results

Senior Great Dane From Dynamite Senior Bronze Director Candi Johson of the HorseWorks and J-Bar Farms, Sheridan, OR

Jake came to me in the spring of 1990 as a 2-1/2 year old neutered Great Dane. He was rescued out of a basement in the city and came with a muzzle and the warning that "he eats small dogs for lunch." Jake moved out to my farm and was completely out of his element. He did not know how to bark as he had never had a territory to defend. In time, he learned to bark from my other Great Dane, Abby. His howling skills were pitiful...the first time he tried, it was barely audible although I had to give him an "A" for effort.
This was about the time we were introducing the first batches of Dynamite Dog Food, and Jake's coat was so brown and dry he was used as a trial subject. Within two weeks, his coat was shiny black and his energy level had increased. Of course I had to then put Abby on the Dynamite Dog Food, and that led to the first tonnage shipments.
Jake was a great companion and farm protector for years. He used to "dance" for his Dynamite Dog Food, bouncing up and down at feeding time. As he aged, there were no signs of hip dysplasia or other challenges associated with giant breeds. Expected lifespan of Great Danes is normally 7-8 years of age. I have regularly been able to get my Great Danes to age 10, but after that they generally deteriorated rapidly and were euthanized. Jake was like that pink battery bunny...just kept on going and going and...
At age 11 I surely thought Jake would show some signs of slowing down. He was a bit stiff, but the addition of Free & Easy(tm) took care of that in short order. In fact I had to start putting the gate up again, as he thought he would expand his territory and go checking out the neighbors' pastures! In January 2000 Jake turned TWELVE years old. I just could not believe it. He still went with me to the barn twice each day. The accompanying photo was taken Jan. 1 2000 during a romp on the Oregon beach.
Jake was euthanized in late March due to a large mass in his abdomen. His eyes were still clear. He had good kidney and liver function, and no heart troubles whatsoever. I completely attribute his phenomenal health and longevity to Dynamite® and send my heartfelt "MAHALO!" (thank you) to Jim Zamzow for giving me so many lovely years with this gentleman Dane.
There is now a new blue Great Dane in my life, Ikaika (ee-KY-ka). At 8.5 months he's 115 pounds. He's never had any of the long bone soreness of a growing Dane. His general health is amazing. He's a Dynamite® dog from the start and I'm looking forward to spending many, MANY years loving and being loved by him. But that's another story...

Candi with Jake, age 12!

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