Dynamite® Woman Snowboarder is Olympic Hopeful!

Issue Date: 01/08/2001 Dynamite Results

Dynamite® Woman Snowboarder is Olympic Hopeful! From Dynamite Director Chris Bassett, Quincy, WA

Here is a letter and season highlights from my daughter Becky, who is Dynamite®!

Being one of the few women Alpine Snowboard racers in the US, I feel privileged. For the last two year I have trained with Scott Erickson at Mission Ridge in Wenatchee, WA. This year the Mission Ridge Snowboard Team received "Snowboard Team of the Year", presented by the United States Snowboard Association (USSA). After the completion of last season, my current national standings are: 12th in Slalom, 12th in Super G, 20th in Giant Slalom and 32nd in Boarder Cross. I will continue to train with Scott Erickson at Mission Ridge for the 2000-01 season, I will also be a part of the US Developmental Team.

This summer I qualified for the Junior National Team camp as a result of my junior finishes in the '99-'00 season, and was selected to ride on the US Developmental Team. The team consists of six riders, of which I am one of two women selected in the world. Being a part of this team, I will be training side by side with the US National Snowboard Team in Breckenridge, CO. This team is the next step to achieving one of my ultimate goals. Last year I chose to postpone my freshman year of college to pursue my goal of going to the Olympics. Although I am making sacrifices in my schooling I keep a tough schedule during the summer and winter. During the summer, I train at Mt. Hood in Oregon. During the winter my team trains five days a week and I maintain my workouts at the gym.

Dynamite® has been a big part of my program for many years, since my mom is a Dynamite® Director. I take Dynamite Plus(tm), TriMins Plus(tm), PMS(tm), Herbal Green(tm), Athletic Formula(tm), Elixir(tm) and occasionally Miracle Clay(tm). If I do start to get the sniffles, Trace Mineral Concentrate(tm) and Solace(tm) work great. I stayed healthy all last season, which is a real plus! So thanks, Dynamite®!

Since my estimated cost for competing on the American Snowboard Tour is approximately $12,000, potential sponsors and financial assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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