Goldens thrive on Dynamite®

Issue Date: 02/12/2002 Dynamite Results

Goldens thrive on Dynamite®

From Dynamite® Customer Marianne Clifford, AZ

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful Dynamite® products. With so many supplements on the market...overall health became a huge reality to me several years back when I had my first two litters of puppies. Mom's first litter was 10 pups and her second and last was nine. I fed her Dynamite Showdown® throughtout her pregnancy. The vet said at the time, he had never seen healthier puppies. This was a first hand testimony to me from personal experience of the huge benefit Dynamite® was. This had been my first experience using the product. Our dogs fed Dynamite® from at least a year on have also had good hip clearances. I don't know if it's the added nutrition that helps them to develop properly...but a huge thanks to you for developing such a fine product and we look forward to using it with our now 4 month old show boy (Golden) too. Thanks again!
Marianne Clifford/Arizona

"Denver" is Dynamite®!
Update: "This is our boy
Goodtime's Rocky Mountain High "Denver" in Utah,
June 2002. He is now 8 months old."

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