Rescued Visla has a Dynamite® New Life

Issue Date: 04/12/2002 Dynamite Results

Rescued Visla has a Dynamite® New Life From Dynamite® Director Kim Mercer, Galt, CA

I have witnessed dramatic results by feeding Dynamite® dog food and Free and Easy(tm) Joint Nutritional Supplement to my senior dog, Jessie. I recently adopted Jessie from the Vizsla Rescue of Northern California. At eleven years of age she is in good health but her back legs were so weak that she could not pull herself up onto the sofa or bed. I began feeding her Dynamite® dog food, and giving her Dynamite Free and Easy(tm) Joint Nutritional Supplement. The combination produced excellent results as now her coat glistens, her eyes sparkle and she happily leaps onto the furniture by herself knowing that she has found the softest place in her new home to snooze. I attribute Jessie's steady progress to Dynamite® products that provide superior nutrition and supplementation for joint care. Thanks to you, Dynamite®, a truly wonderful dog is enjoying a second chance to live the rest of her life in improved health and comfort.
Diana Bruno
Newcastle, CA

Jessie, enjoying life

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