Healing with Wound Balm™

Issue Date: 10/21/2002 Dynamite Results

Healing with Wound Balm(tm) From Dynamite® Director Stephanie Konen, Dayton, WA

Once again I wanted to show you an instance where Dynamite® has worked wonders. My horse Buddy was having his shoes put on by my farrier when he had a little mishap with the farrier's tailgate on the pick up. He was moving away from the farrier and just caught the corner of the tailgate and ripped open the cheek of his butt. We were all a little stunned and I immediately jumped in and cleaned it with Dynamite® Tea Tree Oil and Olive Oil and then packed it with Wound Balm(tm). It is in such a place that I didn't think we could do much for stitches. My gut told me to keep up with the Wound Balm(tm). I called the Vet and had him come out and snip off the flap that I was sure wouldn't re-attach and he looked at it and we decided not to stitch. He told me it looked like it was clean enough that I just needed to keep up with what I was doing and he would check again in a week. He told me to expect at least 6-8 months before I could hope to see it start to fill in and hopefully see some hair grow back. I then called a fellow Dynamite® Director, Cindy Lane who does acuscope work and she did 2 treatments on Buddy and I kept up the vigil of cleaning his wound and applying Wound Balm(tm) to it twice a day. As you can see in Picture #2 it was healing beautifully after one month. The hole filled in and his hair was growing back all over. The vet shook his head and was totally blown away by how great it looked at one week and especially how it looked at a month. Once again, Dynamite® has done it!!!!! Today, Buddy looks great and you can't even see a scar on him. Thanks again to Dynamite®!

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