Is Dynamite® the Fountain of Youth??

Issue Date: 11/28/2002 Dynamite Results

Is Dynamite® the Fountain of Youth?? From Dynamite® Gold Executive Director Judy Sinner, Selah, WA

Just had to share with you some photos of my dad, Dr. Art Borchardt of Yakima, WA. He is an Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon, semi-retired now, who has amazing stories to tell of "the good old days" as a General Practitioner starting out in North Dakota. Delivering babies on kitchen tables and so forth, he is one of a dying breed of truly "hands on" doctors.

When I got into Dynamite® in 1982 and started on Dynamite® and TriMins(tm), my lifetime respiratory allergy problem "went away", as well as killer menstrual cramps and a lot of other health issues that I didn't even know I had until I got truly healthy! Art enthusiastically jumped into the program too, and it has served him so well. He is 84 now, and still hikes 5 miles or so a day, stays at my farm when I travel and loves to clean stalls, hack at weeds, and generally work circles around the other barn helpers who are decades younger. He is truly the Energizer Bunny and would not be without his Dynamite®. He faithfully takes Dynamite®, TriMins®, Hiscorbadyne(tm), PMS(tm) (which stopped his heart flutters he said "I listened to my doctor/daughter about taking extra magnesium, and she was right") ! Free and Easy(tm) has also assisted him to cope successfully with a ruptured disc. He just recently had a little "mini stroke" that landed him in the hospital for testing for a few days, but the outcome was great. He sheepishly admitted to me that he had run out of Hiscorbadyne® a while before, so of course he is back on that at 8 capsules per day! I attribute his excellent recovery to his Dynamite® support.

He is an amazing being and healer in his own right, and the first to admit that the importance of proper mineral nutrition is not emphasized in medical schools, and that he has learned a thing or three by listening me, Jim and Regan. He cracks me up when he even asks me what Dynamite® products I think would assist his friends with various ailments. I expect him to remain healthy and vital as long as he chooses to be on the Planet, thanks to Dynamite®!

hu4-1Dr. Art Borchardt at age 70 hu4-2
Art, age 80 and daughter Judy Sinner, at her 50th Birthday Party

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