Dynamite® is for kids! Sophia Molloy’s story……

Issue Date: 04/01/2003 Dynamite Results

Dynamite® is for kids! Sophia Molloy's story...... From Dynamite® Bronze Director Kay Aubrey-Chimene, Tucson, AZ

I wanted to pass on what has been happening with a friend's daughter. New distributors Genevieve and Tommy Molloy have a young daughter Sophia (about 18 months old). Shophia has had ongoing problems with always getting sick, not eating and most recently diagnosed (later rescinded) with mitochondrial disease. This finally jolted Gen into getting serious about changing Sophia's diet. I recommended removing the dairy and wheat while starting Elixir(tm), Trace Minerals(tm), Dynamite® and Dyna-Pro(tm) into a diet that includes lots of fresh juices, fruits and vegetables. She received her first product and started the program on 7/24. I wanted to pass on the latest messages and photos from Gen.

7/26 - A bit of diarrhea today but a LOT of gas. Very black... must be working!!

7/27 - I know it is impossible but Soph has eaten well 2 days in a row!! She is making tons of saliva and has been snacking and eating a big meal at lunch. Looking good so far!!!!i

7/28/02 - She didn't eat great today... but at least she ate!! I only give her good food... that was one of the problems...she was introduced to potato chips and that's all that she wanted. The only junk food I will give her is Panda licorice... as a treat. She is still not eating veggies cooked but I have a huge assortment of them for her raw as her snacks... as well as her rice seaweed cakes and nuts. She has started taking her formula better as well... I think I have put 2 pounds on her in the last 2 weeks. She looks better.

8/2/02 - Hey Kay... Can you see the difference in two weeks? Everybody who hasn't seen her in a few weeks can't believe the difference... She has creases in her thighs again and look at the difference in her face... her cheeks are back to normal!!!

8/4/02 - I was so shocked when I saw the difference between the two photos... maybe 3 or 4 weeks apart. I see her all of the time its hard to notice the difference. I didn't realize how pale she had become. I just took her in for her 18 month check up and she has gained 2 pounds. She is now a whopping 25 pounds and 36 1/2" tall. She sprouted 2" in 2 months... crazy tall... and 2 pounds in 3 weeks!!! The stool is still black... but she is over the diarrhea. She has never had a problem with energy... she is still making me nuts! The only problems I have had with her were the falling and eating. I'm beginning to think she was "starving" and that had a bit to do with the falling as she hasn't fallen NEARLY as much in the last few weeks. She is eating much better (well... better than not at all)... she is now a picky eater!!

hu3-1 Sophia before Dynamite® and diet changes... hu3-2
Sophia after 3 weeks!

4/1/03 - I just wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know how Soph was doing. We had our 3 major doctor appointments when she turned two and her improvement were STAGGERING!!!!!
Her regular two year old check-up went great. She gained 8 pounds since we started the Dynamite®, took her off dairy & wheat, and put her on a dairy free formula. It was incredible to see that she went from 30% on the baby scale to 76% in the 6 months we have been doing this. Her weight was great, she wasn't anemic, she was walking better... there wasn't one negative thing... it was all good!!! I was so shocked I sat in the room for a few minutes... thinking back to when we had our last GOOD check-up... it was before I stopped nursing her!!!!!
OK... now on to her hip Dr. (Mr. Orthopedic). Can you believe she is 100%... this is the child that wasn't supposed to start walking until she was 2!!! He couldn't believe that her legs and hip are perfect (we spent 10 months in a full body brace and struggled with a horribly turned in right foot... and he PROMISED she would be extremely bow legged) NOTHING... not a trace of anything on the X-rays!!!
Here is the best part... the Neurologist!!! She went from "not being as Neurologically advanced" as she should have been (he put her at about 23%) to exactly average (50%) in the 6 months we had been on the vitamins. Listen to this diagnosis... nervous muscular skeletal disorder/neuro symptoms/increased intracranial pressure/gait ataxia/disturbance!!! He couldn't find ANYTHING wrong with her!!!!

Don't get me wrong... I don't think the vitamins CURED her... but I can tell you that they gave her the strength/immune system boost she needed to cure HERSELF. Looking back at photos of her the last year has been Hell for us. You can see her totally messed up legs... and the sicknesses that were attacking her system... and if you would have seen her neurological issues... just falling into walls and being so dizzy that she couldn't walk...you would never know that there was EVER anything wrong with her now!!

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