Steve’s facial laceration heals fast with Dynamite® help!

Issue Date: 07/15/2003 Dynamite Results

Steve's facial laceration heals fast with product Release™

Judy, Somehow I remembered to take pictures!
Steve (Barber) and I were going out to where we have our horses boarded to give them their daily Dynamite® stuff. Steve forgot his sunglasses and ran back in the house to get them. As he went around the corner of the house to go in the back door, he ran into a metal L-bracket and really cut himself good above his eye!! There was supposed to be a shelf there, but it had not been put up yet. The part right above (barely) his eye was bleeding pretty good. I sprayed liberally with Release™ and after a couple minutes I had him cover his eye while I put Trace Minerals Concentrate™ drops on it. That stopped the bleeding and we went on out to take care of the horses. The picture was taken about 3 hours after it happened. The next picture was taken 6 days later. During that time, Steve dabbed Tea Tree Oil (straight) on the whole wound every day or so. He is just starting to put Wound Balm(™ on it now - maybe once a day. Pretty dramatic healing in such a short time on a quite deep laceration, I would say!! Needless to say the bracket has been removed from the house!

ouch............Day 1
Day 6!!

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