Anatolian Shepherd and RMSF Success Story

October 10, 2007

From Dynamite Director Marlene Lynch in Oklahoma

I just wanted to post an update on my Anatolian Shepherd that almost died of a sudden onset of RMSF (Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever) and severe pneumonia less than a month ago. Thanks for all the suggestions and support!!

This week the vet said that she is completely astounded that in less than one month his lungs sound "perfect" on both sides, he had no temperature, you would never know that he was recovering from a horrible case of pneumonia and that she was totally amazed at the rapid recovery he has had. She said that it is unheard of for a dog with such a horrible prognosis to not show any symptoms of ANYTHING wrong in just a period of three and half weeks and he does not have to come back for any more injections of (I forget the name, but a horribly painful antibiotic to kill the rickettsia) and he is off the Doxy now too, which she thought he might be on for three or four months. I AM SO THRILLED, THANKFUL AND BLESSED.

Jack was 6.5 months old the day I carried him in to the vet and he weighed 70.4 pounds. (remember he is an Anatolian Shepherd) and this week, he weighed in at 80.6 pounds, which again the vet said that it's just not even imaginable that a pup would gain 10 pounds in that amount of time fighting the sickness he had. He is not overweight, he's in a huge pasture with a herd of goats and is very active and growing!) It's hard to list all the adjectives she used to describe him and his current state of excellent health. His coat is so shiny and his eyes are so bright!

Here is what I did for him and I was going by my intuition a lot: The first couple of hours when he was refusing liquids or anything and wouldn't even raise his head up, I used an eyedropper and dropped about 5cc of DynaSpark in his mouth until he sat up and looked a little more perky and started drinking. Then I gave him small frequent meals as tolerated,consisting of Dynamite dog food mixed with either the Dynamite canned food or frozen Bil-Jac, one big squirt of Dyna-Pro about three times a day, plus Showdown once a day. I put a good splash of Elixir and about 10 drops of TMC, a cap of Ester C added to his food twice daily also. He was on heavy does of antibiotics too. After three days of bed rest, he was missing his goats and was very restless after being in the house, so I let him return to the pasture, his sister, and the goat herd and I kept a really close eye on him. I was concerned about the heat and the humidity so I added a little Dyna-Spark with he and his sister's food, plus the Ester C and some Izmine each day for a few days and I keep adding DynaSpark on hot days to keep him drinking and his kidneys working good. During the time he was in the house, I slept in the living room with him next to me, I did Ttouch on him all the time, I repeatedly told him he was going to get well and that I needed him desperately to get well as I loved him and he has a job to do out there with his goat herd, and I said prayers and I visualized him being well. All my prayers were answered!

Anyway, the amounts of product also varried on some days as to what I felt Jack needed, he had good days and bad days that first week and a half, then he started really leveling off.

Anway, thank you again Dynamite and Judy, since I only signed up as a Distributor in August, I am thankful that I had the things on hand that I needed for my Jack and the access to this forum for suggestions, ideas, and support.


Jack (rear) and his sister Annie

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