Healthy “Old” Bernese Mountain Dog

January 1, 2008

From Dynamite Customer Ruth Nielsen, WA

Just wanted to share a photo I took of Winter last week July 2007) - he's almost nine, which is pretty old "statistically" for a Bernese Mtn dog - and look how fit and healthy he is! Last weekend we did an overnight trip with a hard climb of 4,000 ft - mostly off trail, climber's path. The dogs all did fabulously. Winter was up in front with the youngsters - and overall I think he has the best endurance because he's had a life of similar activity. Our two younger dogs came to us from other homes where they had been more "couch potatoes" and they still don't have the mountain toughness of Max and Winter. They'll get there, though!
I hear from my friends who own Winter's brothers that his siblings are starting to be "old dogs". Not Winter...we're getting ready for another backpacking trip next week.
Thanks as always for helping us keep our dogs so healthy!
(update Jan 2008...)
I had the dogs over in Mazama for the holidays and forgot to take the Showdown with us. I started thinking that Tonka's coat didn't look as good as I thought it should, seemed sort of dull, not what it normally looked like. I finally realized that the only change in his diet was no Showdown. As soon as we got back to Seattle I started adding the Showdown back in and I can really tell the difference. So I hope you can send me another LARGE size before we run out - it makes a difference!


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