Dynamite Director Mitch Seavey Wins All Alaska Sweepstakes Sled Dog Race in Record Time!

Mitch won the All Alaska Sweepstakes race (408 miles from Nome to Candle and back to Nome) in a winner takes all $100,000 dollar purse! He beat Jeff King by only 10 minutes, in a very dramatic all out race to the finish, after being 3 1/2 hours back!!

"March 28, 2008, Nome, Alaska
Unofficially, at 11:29:45 pm, Mitch Seavey of Sterling, Alaska, finished the 2008 Centennial running of the All Alaska Sweepstakes Race in 61 hours, 29 minutes and 45 seconds, shattering the 1910 "Iron Man" Johnson Sweepstakes record of 74 hours, 14 minutes and 37 seconds."



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