Ultimate Dog Food Is Beyond Words

Issue Date: 11/27/2008 Dynamite Results

Ultimate Dog Food Is Beyond Words From Dynamite Silver Director Sheila Ryan in NH

The Ultimate dog food is beyond words!
I have a weekly routine that I thought I would share. I save all bones from the week in the freezer. On Sunday I boil them in about 8 cups of water for an hour or so. I remove the bones and take off any cartilage or meat and throw it back into the broth. I then add about 2 cups each or carrots and celery-and because we I am living is tick heaven, I add some garlic. I cook till the veggies are somewhat soft but not overdone. Then I pour the hot broth over 5 cups of the ultimate dog food. The food absorbs the broth-after a few minutes I push the veggies into the food(they will float) and let it cool. The food creates a beautiful gravy on top, and is moist and looks great! I refrigerate it and use it all week. I mix it with a bit of the Super premium food before serving. My dogs are healthy, beautiful and fit. The Irish wolfhound is Brigit and the Corgi mix is Lydia. Thanks Dynamite for solving all my feeding problems!!


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