30 year old Dynamite mare! Happy Birthday, Belle…….

Issue Date: 08/03/2001 Dynamite Results

30 year old Dynamite mare! Happy Birthday, Belle....... From Dynamite Senior Director Tracie Audette, Palmer, AK

Our beloved mare Belle turned 30 on June 16, 2001. She has no teeth left to speak of, is dappled from nose to tail even in the winter, and gets ridden more than any other horse on the place. Belle eats Dynamite® Pelleted Grain Ration, regular Dynamite®, DynaPro(tm), Free and Easy(tm) and the Free Choices to keep her going strong. And of course she is pictured here in her HumiZyme RX(tm) pasture with my 9 year old daughter, Halle`. You can see her under saddle at a show 2 years ago, in the testimonial on this site titled 28 Year Old Show Mare. We look forward to many more happy years with her!

Belle, age 30 and Halle`, age 9

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