34 year old Dynamite® pony keeps on tickin’

Issue Date: 11/28/2002 Dynamite Results

34 year old Dynamite® pony keeps on tickin' From Dynamite® Senior Director Terri Olson, Walla Walla, WA

I just wanted to catch you up on what's been happening at the Olson's this past summer. Pictured is our ½ Arab, ½ Welsh pony , Sox. We're calling him "The Comeback Kid". He's 34 years old, soon to be 35, I got him for Christmas when he was 2 years old and I was 6. He's had cancer (on his penis) for about 8 or 9 years now. In past years, he had all the vaccinations, worming etc. until I got "educated". Because he had a bad reaction to his shots about 12 years ago, he has not been vaccinated since. The vet told us when Sox first developed the cancer, that he probably wouldn't make it another 6 months, because it would go internal. Well, as you can see, he's still here and kicking (and bucking) . He'd been on Dynamite® supplements for almost 20 years now, since I met Judy then when I worked on her farm as a teenager and we have been great friends for many years. Since Sox' cancer was diagnosed, we have done SOD(tm) every three months, and it would take the tumors from the size of walnuts to the size of peas. He has also been on Dyna Pro(tm) and had access to all the free choices. Dynamite® Director Julie McCubbins of Walla Walla, had him for her daughter to ride from about age 25 up until last July. He began having trouble with his teeth, and Dr. Erin had to pull several of them. He lost a lot of weight, and was debilitated from the dental infection, so the cancer took over, growing a tumor the size of a softball in just a couple months. We elected to have the tumor surgically removed, but he doesn't do well with drugs, so to completely put him under was pretty scary. We figured if he wanted to hang out on the planet a while longer, he'd wake up just fine. He came through the procedure perfectly! I had put him on 20 drops of Trace Minerals Concentrate(tm) , and added Hiscorbadyne(tm) to his usual ration, prior to and post surgery. He now eats our Pelleted Grain Ration, some HES(tm), a grass hay pellet, and a timothy, alfalfa , corn and oat pellet, soaked in water. He also gets DynaPro(tm) and some Dynaspark(tm) and of course his Dynamite®. The vet was amazed at how well he came through the surgery, there was virtually no swelling. I sprayed Release(tm) on him several times a day. In his subsequent check ups, he has continued to blow them away!! The last visit as I was leading him into the clinic, they asked how he was doing, just as he snorted and started jigging, leading ME into the clinic!! They kept saying they wished that some of the 15 year olds that came in looked half as good as he does at 34. He's pictured here with my 3 year old niece, Haylee, who now calls him "my pony". Also in the photo is my 12 year old niece, Taylor, who's been showing my 20 year old western pleasure gelding, Batal Sal- E+, better known as B.J. She had an awesome year on him winning classes at every class "A" Arabian and open show we went to. I credit Dynamite® for his ability to be the "Energizer Bunny", he just keeps going and going. He's on the Pelleted Grain Ration, DynaPro(tm), Free and Easy(tm), Excel(tm), regular Dynamite® and of course has the free choices, which he has never eaten. I can't remember the last time he tested positive on a fecal, so of course he does not get chemically dewormed. I sometimes add a ½ oz or so of SOD(tm) to keep up the copper level for his coal black coat. I've been asked if I dye his coat or if I put a color additive in his feed. It's always great to say "no, just Dynamite®!". He is even out on pasture part of the day in our 100+ degree sun in the summer, and does not bleach out.

Also pictured are my two show horses. My mare, Summer's Afire, (Chloe') is out of one of Judy's mares that I had on lease for a few years, VF Summer Love. My gelding Khoconspirator, (K.C.) is out of the same dam, by a different stallion. Chloe' has been a challenge to put it mildly. She's never been vaccinated, thank goodness, but there have definitely been some miasms and vaccinosis issues that have come through from past generations, especially from her sire's side. There's not enough room to go through her whole saga, but suffice it to say, she's taxed Regan's, Kelley Mills', and Judy's brains. I'm happy to say I think Regan finally got the recipe for her top performance and attitude. We inverted the HES(tm) and the grain; she can't even tolerate the PGR because she reacts negatively to oats, so she gets a mere handful of barley, and during show season 1# of HES(tm), Dynamite Plus(tm), DynaPro(tm), Easy Boy(tm), Breeder Pac(tm), and 4 capsules of human DynaLite(tm). Grass hay and HumiZyme pasture, too. I started showing her hunter pleasure this year, and a week after starting her English, she won her first 2 classes. Since then she's won, or been in the top 3, all season. She does great with the mix of Easy Boy(tm) and Tranquil(tm) in a syringe about an hour before showing.
K.C. has also been a bit of a challenge in that he seems to lean towards some of the EPSM symptoms, Judy says that it may be a genetic tendency in that particular line as Summer Love's sire can exhibit some of the same symptoms of muscle tightness. Regan also inverted his HES(tm), so K.C. gets 1# of that and just a handful of PGR(tm), Dynamite Plus(tm), DynaPro(tm), Excel(tm), 1000 mg. of choline for nerve transmission, Easy Boy(tm) and Breeder Pac(tm). He too, has never been vaccinated. He had an amazing first year of showing, winning his first class ever out of 21 horses, he kept it up all season and won several big classes at the class "A" Arab shows as well as at some big open shows. He is as laid-back as Chloe` is wired, so it is fun to be able to "tweak" the Dynamite® program to find the best balance for two completely different horses. I had blood work done on Chloe' and K.C. this spring and the vet wanted to know what I fed, because they both were so balanced . He has really had his eyes opened by my horses, and maybe someday I'll get him trained!!!!
Thanks to my Dynamite® "family" for all the love and support in my breeding, training and showing endeavors, as well as in my Dynamite® business, it truly is an amazing network of help and friendship.


Sox at 34!
B.J. and Taylor, Sox and Haylee
Summer's Afire (Chloe`) and Terri
Khoconspirator (K.C) and Terri

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