Alex the pony pulls through with Dynamite®

Issue Date: 02/08/2002 Dynamite Results

Alex the pony pulls through with Dynamite® From Dynamite® Director Cari Dinelt, Spanaway, WA

Alex is my 6 year old son's pony. Alex is in his late 20's and worth his weight in gold. Dec 10, 01, I went out in the morning to feed and he was out in his run standing in the corner in the rain in pain and had not finished his dinner from the night before and of course wasn't hungry for breakfast. He only had 2 piles of manure since 12:30 the day before. To me it was plain as day he had a raging tummy ache. (assume colic of some sort). Immediately administered 35cc DynaPro(tm). Pulse was high in the 70's and no temp. No gut sounds, no passing manure.
Well just so happens this was also the day for the two 2 year old fillies to see Dr. Erin Zamzow for their dental exam. So I loaded up Alex too. Erin gave him 10 cc DynaPro(tm), w/5cc Relax(tm). Erin stomach tubed warm water and NTM Salt. Gave a shot of Banamine. Nobody was really hopeful and Alex wasn't doing well.
Well I took him home and was determined to do absolutely everything to bring him back if at all possible. I was up for about 74 hours administering my colic concoction which consists of a little less than a half gallon of warm water with DynaPro(tm), NTM Salt, Easy Boy(tm), Relax(tm) and Release(tm). That evening was the worst, I gave him a shot of Banamine, his heart rate was 80 at the time and he was lying down and getting up often and it was heartbreaking. After the shot, he was more comfortable and I kept up my colic concoction and the next morning he was a little better and had 2 piles of very runny stool. Again I kept up with my mix and at 1:30 his heart rate was 36..... YEAH!!!! 2:30 heart rate 44, looked perky and hungry. I didn't feed him anything for another 24 hours, just the mix and after that gave him a handful of Pelleted Grain Ration(tm).
12/13 was the last day of the mix, he looked good, heart rate good and boy was he hungry.
Alex's diet consists of 8 cups orchard grass pellets along with 2 cups Pelleted Grain Ration(tm) soaked in warm water with a couple squirts of DynaPro(tm) and 2 drops Trace Minerals 2xday. He also gets Dynamite Plus(tm). HE LOOKS FABULOUS AND FEELS BETTER NOW THAN HE HAS IN YEARS! I am soooooooooo happy and could not have pulled him through without Dynamite® and his amazing spirit! Forever grateful, Cari Dinelt
Colby and his friend Alex the pony

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