APHA World Champion Baileys With A Zip

Issue Date: 06/02/1999 Dynamite Results

APHA World Champion Baileys With A Zip From Dynamite® Director Sherry Coughlin, Mission, Kansas

I would like to share my story of a special Dynamite® horse I delivered and raised. Baileys With A Zip is a four year-old tobiano gelding. This summer Bailey won his class at the APHA World Show, four year-old Western Pleasure Maturity. This World Championship came in July after he had surgery in April to remove bone chips in both fetlocks. He went through three and-a-half hours of surgery and K-State told us he shouldn't even be ridden until early July. With the help of my Acuscope, Myopulse, and the Dynamite® products, my daughters, Claire and Molly and I got Bailey back to work six weeks sooner than expected.
Bailey not only made it to the World Show, but he won it! Bailey getsComplete Feed(tm), Dynamite Plus(tm), DynaPro(tm) (every day - due to a raunchy tummy), and is now taking Free & Easy(tm). We usedWound Balm(tm) quite a bit, too. We added Reiki to our healing tools just in time to help Bailey. I feel blessed that I have these gifts to give to my animals and people!


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