Arab Cutter Winning Again with Free and Easy™

Issue Date: 11/25/1999 Dynamite Results

Arab Cutter Winning Again with Free and Easy(tm) From Dynamite Director Diane Dempsey, Renton, WA

Just a note to say thank you for the great product, Free and Easy(tm). I started my National Champion Arabian Cutting Horse, Khemander Kody, on this great supplement last November. Kody had not been competing for about two years, since he had shown signs of hurting. After years of showing, the cutting horses' joints, especially hocks, begin to wear and Kody was no exception. His scores had declined and he had become inconsistent. As is common for these horses, it was recommended to inject his hocks. This was done a few times in his last year of showing, but the results were improvement for only a short time. I did not like this form of treatment and decided to retire Kody. However, with the development of Free and Easy(tm), I thought it was worth a try to see if it would help him.

After less than three months on Free and Easy(tm), Kody went to the Scottsdale Arabian Show where he placed Top Five in the show, and was Regional Champion with the high cutting score of the show. People were coming up to me and asking, "What are you giving that horse. He looks great!" Kody went on to win many Championships in 1999. He truly is back to his old self. With continued use of Free and Easy(tm), I am looking forward to showing Kody in 2000 as my Non Pro Cutting horse. Thanks again for a great product!

Scottdale Regional Champion 1999!
Ferrara/Sparagowski photo
A veterinarian comments on Free and Easy(tm):

"For the past two years, I have been treating an 18 year old barrel horse. On my first exam of the horse, I found that both hocks and especially the stifles had severe pain. I injected the inflamed joints and the horse started to perform much better. The owner brought him back at 30 day intervals. I explained that we were going to need to find some other method of treatment to keep from injecting him so frequently. She tried many different products, and finally chose Dynamite's Free and Easy(tm). Most of the other products had marginal or no positive effects, but the Free and Easy(tm) gave, in my opinion, remarkable results. I am now having to inject the horse only once every six months. The most remarkable result I see is the synovial fluid in the horse's joints is of exceptional quality, even though he has considerable wear and tear. After seeing the change in the consistency of the synovial fluid, I do not hesitate to endorse Free and Easy(tm)".
- Joe Cooke, DVM, Texas

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