Congrats Bev Gray and Paladin – US Equestrian Team!

Issue Date: 07/09/2002 Dynamite Results

Congrats Bev Gray and Paladin - US Equestrian Team! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
The new Dynamite® electrolyte formula Dyna-Spark(tm) is extraordinary!!!!!!!!!!
I tested the product on May 4th, at the Washoe 100 mile endurance race near Carson City, Nevada. Since I nominated for the U.S. Equestrian Team for the World Equestrian Games competition, this was an FEI qualifying event. I was quite nervous since May is extremely early to be competitive in a 100 mile event. And, Paladin still had a winter coat (we had snow just 2 weeks earlier) EEK!
The FEI veterinary staff was very strict and scrutinized everything about the FEI horses!
The Washoe course is extremely rugged with temperatures a pleasant 70 degrees (still warm for us Mountain Folks and horses). Since we are discussing my "Electrolyte Protocol", keep in mind that you are preventing problems, not treating them. I have a small squirt bottle for administering the electrolytes. I "loaded" Paladin with 2 oz. of Dyna-Spark(tm) the night before the event. The next morning I gave a dose before the ride start and then a dose at every vet check. The last dose was at the finish line which I believe really contributed to the a rapid recovery. I was advised that Dyna-Spark(tm) encourages appetite, and it is so palatable for the horses, therefore I administered at the beginning of the vet's checks to encourage eating……..and , whoa, did Paladin eat!!!!! I weighed him the day before the ride @962lbs and the next morning after the ride, he had only lost 20lbs!!!!
We energetically finished together with the 3rd, 4th place riders and Paladin was 5th in a field of very competitive horses.
What changes did I notice with the Dyna-Spark(tm)? Definitely, improved performance, rapid recovery at each check, excellent hydration, sustained energy and incredible healthy appetite as well as drinking volumes of water.
This Electrolyte procedure was perfect for Paladin. Keep in mind that every horse is an individual and electrolyte dosage can vary with temperature, humidity, distance, speed of the horse, terrain and conditioning.

Thank you again for another incredible Dynamite® Product. I look forward to a Blue Ribbon year!
Beverly Gray and Paladin

FLASH! Paladin and Bev were selected for the U.S. Equestrian Team, and are off to Spain in September! Dynamite® job!

AND UPDATE..................19th Place overall, and Number One US Rider!!!


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