Congratulations Loreen DH, USDF #1 Training Horse of the Year

Issue Date: 12/27/2000 Dynamite Results

Congratulations Loreen DH, USDF #1 Training Horse of the Year From Dynamite® Manager Carla Shown, Vancouver, WA

In 1999 I joined the Dynamite® family. I had been feeding my dogs Dynamite Showdown™ for years and when I got back into horses in 1999 it made sense for
me to become a distributor.

I purchased "Renata" (AKA Loreen DH) an 8 year old Hanoverian mare in February 2000. She had been a broodmare for several years and was thin and
poorly muscled. When I met her, I knew we belonged together. She was immediately started on 2 scoops of Dynamite Plus™, Free and Easy™, grass hay and a low protein pelleted feed. Renata was purchased as a dressage horse and since she was imported and well-bred I decided to breed her as well. She was bred and started into serious training and conditioning. She was bred via imported frozen semen and I think the only reason she didn't take the first time was because of my and my vet's inexperience with frozen semen. Renata settled on the 2nd breeding and is due in April 2001.

The really exciting story is how quickly her condition and training progressed and the fact that she ended the show season with the honor of USDF #1 Training Horse of the Year. She was ridden by Regina Agren, daughter of my Dynamite® sponsor, Ray Sabata. With the minimum number of shows and Regina riding her once, occasionally twice, a week she was scoring in the high 70's (Twice high-scoring horse in show; 78.75% at Ft Vancouver and 77.60% at Devonwood). Many of my friends were competing under similar circumstances and were dealing with condition issues and lameness throughout the season. Renata remained sound, fit and in a good state of mind while under a great deal of stress between training, showing and breeding. I had the pleasure of taking lessons on Renata, conditioning her with trail rides and giving her lots of hugs and kisses. She is just starting to show her pregnancy (she is 8 months pregnant and this is her 4th foal) and she is in superb condition with a dappled coat in the middle of winter. I am still riding Renata about 5 times a week and she retains her condition and a strong
topline with only her arena work and limited turnout. I feel that her condition and her competitive edge was due to a great combination of a very talented trainer, a talented horse and Dynamite Plus™ along with Free and Easy™.

Renata and Regina Agren at Devonwood (Terri Miller Photo)
Carla and Renata

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