Dappled and Gorgeous in Selah

Issue Date: 11/19/2000 Dynamite Results

Dappled and Gorgeous in Selah

From Dynamite Gold Executive Director Judy Sinner, Selah, WA

OK, this is a bit like taking pictures of your summer roses and hanging them on your refrigerator door thru the cold snowy winter, to keep you cheered up. Last August as I was feeding one evening, I thought, "These horses look so incredible, and in a few months they will be all furry" so I went for the camera. To get full body dapples like this means that you have optimally healthy animals, pain free and with the energy in their bodies unblocked and totally balanced. Also, these two and all my horses are out in the hot summer sun here in Eastern Washington, where we have many days that top high 90's and above, with a dry breeze and their coats do not fry or sunbleach! Bronzeste is a 21 year old National Show Horse gelding (Arab/Saddle-bred cross) who is a many times Regional and Class A Champion, Canadian and US National Top Ten, and unanimous Scottsdale Champion in halter back in the mid-80's in the heyday of the really tough competition in the Arab world. Subsequently, he has championships in the 90's in both English and Western in A shows, a rather unique feat thru age 17. I bred and raised him (as well as his sire) and he has been on Dynamite® since age 3 back in 1982, when I discovered the products and began to sell them. For the last 4 years, he has just been a couch potato, don't think anyone has even been on his back. But you can see the muscling and topline that he keeps just from puttering around, and he is lucky if he gets thoroughly groomed once a month. Joyce and Martha even had to untangle a world-class knot in his mane the night before the seminar here last July! He gets a quick whisk with a soft brush and his DynaShield™, that's it, and I would hate to tell you the last time his tail was taken down. A big horse at 15.3 hands and 1300 pounds, he stays in this condition at his age on 2 cups (2/3 of a pound) of Complete Grain Ration™, 1 ounce of regular Dynamite®, and a little DynaPro™ occasionally. Grass/alfalfa mix hay, heavy on the grass, and of course the Free Choices. The mare is Bay Aris, a 16 year old broodmare who has had a number of great foals. She gets literally only a handful of the Complete Grain™ maybe 1/2 cup, mostly grass hay with a little alfalfa, 1 ounce of regular Dynamite®, a little Dyna Pro™ and has the Free Choices, which she mostly ignores. Her only exercise also consists of daily turnout, and she has kept a beautiful topline and great muscling over the years. Since I raised her as well, she is a Dynamite® horse from pre-conception. Is this an awesome feed program?? Cost effective for the older horses? Amen.


h27-1 h27-2
Bronzeste at age 21 Bay Aris at age 16

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