Dynamite® Alpacas

Issue Date: 02/21/2003 Dynamite Results

Dynamite® Alpacas From Dynamite® Supervisor Margaret Valvo, Fort Collins, CO

My young male stud lost a large patch of hair on his nose in June when his halter rubbed it off while he was at a weekend show. Four months later most of the hair was still missing. A couple of weeks after I started using Dynamite his hair had grown back completely, and it's still there.

Maintaining condition was a problem for my 4 year old female after her second and third cria. When I started her on Dynamite she stabilized at a normal weight and attained excellent body condition with no excess water retention. Her fleece developed a healthy sheen and her eyes sparkled. She began to pronk as she had when she was young. She appeared more relaxed, moved with greater ease, and was much more flexible and lively than before.

When I first started the Dynamite Alpaca Feed Program I noticed that my animals seemed to be urinating more than usual. I put down wood pellets to absorb the extra liquid. They also had slightly loose stools for a short time. I transitioned them to the new feed slowly, but the detox process was still apparent. They had been fed small amounts of grain mix with molasses and alfalfa hay to increase their milk production and help them maintain their condition after giving birth. I was concerned when they initially appeared to lose condition, but I learned that they were eliminating toxins in the form of sugars and high levels of protein that caused an overly acid condition and excessive water retention. Now that they have eliminated the toxins and extra water their metabolism is balanced. They have filled out proportionately and show excellent body condition. They move with greater ease, and appear to be more healthy and content. I'm glad that I found Dynamite!

Margaret and SWR Tiger Paw, a 6 month old Dynamite® male!

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