Dynamite® Director Potato Richardson wins the Tevis . . . Again!

Issue Date: 07/28/2002 Dynamite Results

Dynamite® Director Potato Richardson wins the Tevis . . . Again! Congrats, Potato and Dynamite® mare SMR Fayette de Cameo. They finished the ride 1 hour and 23 minutes ahead of the next competitor. Fayette is a home bred daughter of Potato's mare Cameo Corinne, and was raised totally on the Dynamite® Pelleted Grain Ration(tm) and supplements. Dynamite® job, Potato!!
Here is the whole story:
"Greenwood, California's Potato Richardson won this year's Tevis Cup (www.foothills.net/Tevis) aboard the Shagya-Arabian mare, Fayette de Cameo, who last year took home the covented Haggin Cup for Best Condition in the same event. Richardson credits Dynamite's superior nutrition products in large part for this, and other successes. These include a 1998 Tevis win on Potato's Purebred Arabian mare, Fille de Calana. (See "Potato Mashes the Competition" at www.arabianhorseexpress.com/aug98/potato/htm .)
Fayette, seven years of age, has been on Dynamite® products her entire life, and before. Her dam, Cameo Corinne, had daily servings of Dynamite Breeder Pac(tm) supplement and Dynamite Pelleted Grain Ration while in foal with Fayette. She has now garnered both cups awarded for the Tevis 100-Mile in One Day endurance ride. Further, in her first year of competition, this talented young mare was never out of Top Ten. In five competitions in 2001, Fayette earned one win and four best condition awards.
The Dynamite® regimen? Simple. Dynamite® supplement and Pelleted Grain Ration(tm) is given to all the Sliger Mine Ranch horses, and when being worked, an extra scoop of the Grain Ration. Dynamite Pre-Race Pac(tm) is given to all horses when they are competing in Endurance events. Pre-Race most certainly aids in the horses' performance. Richardson reports never using electrolytes and has never experienced a horse tie up, either during or following competition. At home, all the horses have access to Dynamite's Free Choice minerals, including the 1 to 1, 2 to 1, Izmine(tm) and NTM Salt.
Dynamite® products have brought many "throwaway" horses back to life.
All breeding stock is put on Breeder Pac(tm) and kept on it until the foal has been weaned. In the past two years, five healthy foals have been born with absolutely no complications to the mares during or after foaling. Clearly, Breeder Pac(tm), in conjunction with the basic Dynamite® nutrition provided year-long, is a must for anyone interested in healthy, active foals."


(photo credit: Lucy Chaplin Trumbull)


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