Dynamite® Musk Oxen!

January 21, 2003

From Dynamite ® Senior Director Tracie Audette, Palmer, AK

It has been just about a year this January, since this herd of thirty-nine Musk Oxen began their journey into wellness with Dynamite®.

These animals were quite thin, experiencing fever and leaking rumen when I was called to see what we could do. Jim had seen them the previous summer, so I called him to see what he thought would be the best way to begin, given their poor condition. We decided to start them on the Cattle and Ruminant Salt Mix(tm), Breeder Pac,(tm) and DynaPro(tm) and within 36 hours the fever was gone, appetites had improved and no more leaking!

May is calving time! Even though the cows had only been on Dynamite® supplements for a few months, there was a 100% live birth rate and an extremely low mortality rate for the babies. Luna, (pictured with Halle') who was rejected by her mother, thrived on her bottles of replacement milk, Dyna Pro(tm) and a drop or two Trace Mineral Concentrate(tm). She is the star of the farm and now weighs in at about 175 pounds.

The weight of the herd as a whole has stabilized and the overall vitality is much better at this point. The calves are nearly twice as big by weight as they usually are at this age. Their hair or qiviut which can sell for as much as $1500 a pound is now simply gorgeous. They are still getting the same products we started them on with the addition of DynaSpark(tm) to help balance electrolytes when they are stressed due to handling, weather changes, parasites, and the chronic digestive challenges inherent to wild animals in captivity. They are also fed about a cup of Pelleted Grain Ration(tm) two days a week.

Thanks toDynamite®, and the very dedicated people at the farm -- especially Nate and Roy, these primitive animals who can give up their Spirits so easily; have chosen forgiveness and health. A special blessing to the herd leaders, Gilda and Georgianne for your incredible message to me that day you decided not to give up.

Halle` and Luna

Adult musk ox

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