Dynamite Products Assist a Foal with Clostridium Infection

March 14, 2008

From Dynamite Bronze Director Terri Wagner, R.N., in CO

Hi Judy,
Here is a great story!
This is a Morgan colt here in CO that was diagnosed with clostridium infection at 2 days old, this was last spring. He was put on triple antibiotics and stomach sponge, at which point he went into renal failure, and euthanasia was recommended.
I saw him at 5 days - my recommendation was Trace Minerals Concentrate, Excel, Miracle Clay and DynaPro all given orally, and Wound Balm on his scalded areas..........plus 1 owner that was willing to follow through!
The first photo is at 5 days, the second one at 6 weeks of age, honest-to-goodess!


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