Dynamite® Products for Foaling

Issue Date: 05/29/2000 Dynamite Results

Dynamite® Products for Foaling

From Dynamite Gold Executive Director Judy Sinner, Selah, WA

Even though I have used these products for over 18 years and 4 generations of Dynamite® horses, I am still amazed at what Dynamite® can do and at the new wrinkles we can come up with. My champion Arab western pleasure mare, Starborne VF, was bred last May one time by AI, then 18 days later hauled from Albuquerque (where she was in training at Pine Ridge Arabians, also Dynamite® people) to Denver for the Region 8 Show. She also competed at Nationals last October, and Scottsdale in February of this year (yep, 9 months pregnant), then was shipped back to Washington with some friends who had horses down there. I had never a moment's worry about the stress of all this on a pregnant mare, she was totally happy and healthy all along. She had a gorgeous bay colt which she delivered in 5 minutes without breaking a sweat. She passed the afterbirth within 20 minutes, with virtually no cramping. For her whole pregnancy, Starborne got Complete Grain Ration™, grass hay, 1 ounce of regular Dynamite® and the free choices. Being a first time mom, she was understandably a little apprehensive and sore, reluctant to let the foal nurse. I gave her about 30 sprays of Relax™ orally, then sprayed Release™ on her udder. The milk just streamed out as soon as the Release™ touched her, and it stopped the pain enough that she let the foal latch on, then all was fine. DynaPro™ and Easy Boy™ (for the magnesium, which is a natural calmer and laxative) helped with the bowel stasis that most mares experience after foaling, and is much less irritating than the usual bran mash and mineral oil. I quit using iodine on the foals' navels years ago, since it has been proven to be a little too irritating/drying, leading to premature breakage of the stump and therefore more chance of infection. Tea Tree Oil does a great job, just one dunk as soon as the cord breaks and that is it. As milk production amps up, I add a little of the HES Pellets™ to the Complete Grain™ for a little more protein/calories, and find that the mares hold their weight just great on about 6 pounds total grain a day, and free choice grass hay with a touch of alfalfa in it. It is amazing how quickly the foals take an interest in the Free Choices, the colt was into the 1 to 1 at 4 days of age! Any foal heat scours respond wonderfully to a few cc's of DynaPro™. Actually, he never did scour. What I have noticed with these Dynamite® foals is their hoofs need trimming when they are born, their manes and tails are longer than usual, and their coats are short and very shiny. They also are up within a very short time, and are extremely bright and interested in things, and very trainable. The Complete Grain Ration™ is an awesome foal creep feed, too, and they grow up with no pot bellies and no leg problems. When I look back on 30 years of horse breeding, and realize all the problems I have NOT had in the last 18 years on Dynamite™, I am so grateful that these products are available. Abortions, retained placentas, stillborn foals, navel ill, post foaling colics, things that can and do happen occasionally on a breeding farm, all are a thing of the distant past! Optimum health and genetic potential is possible on the Dynamite® program, and it just gets better with each succeeding generation. This colt is generation 4 for me on Dynamite®, and is sired by a Dynamite® stallion (of course!) OKW Maximillian. I showed Starborne's granddam in the late 60's as a teenager, bred and raised her dam and then her, so as you can imagine she is very special to me. She looked ready to go back in the show ring hours after she foaled. Do your breeding program (and your peace of mind!) a favor, and embrace the Dynamite® program!


Starborne VF and Judy
Starborne and baby, day 2
Thanksamilian VF at 15 months

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