Happy Winter from Resting Heart Farm

February 17,2008

Submitted by Dynamite Bronze Director Jennifer Judkins, M.D., Grantham, NH

Hey Judy...I snapped this photo last winter after some fresh snow! They are so buff! Its so easy with Dynamite!

Not much to tell...nutrition and health have become so boring at my place. No one ever gets sick anymore. No parasites, even with the baby. Left to right:

Manny, 12 yo Arab/warmblood cross. No grain, just alittle HES Pellets, black oil sunflower seeds, and TNT. Never wears a blanket even in subzero temps.

Canon, 9 yo OTTB. 1 qt Pelleted Grain Ration, 1 cup black oil sunflower seeds, TNT. This is the horse that taught me all about colic and ulcers...he coliced monthly the first 6 months I had him. He is so grounded and stable now, I think of him as an easy keeper.

Peanut, 8 month old Belgian. 1 cup of Pelleted Grain Ration, handful black oil sunflower seeds, 1 cup of TNT. Look at the bone in those legs...my gosh, he's gonna be big! He grows nearly an inch of hoof in a month, even in winter.

Doc, 25 yo appendix QH, a retiree from a friend....NOT. This little horse is like the energizer bunny on trails...he just loves to go. 1 cup Pelleted Grain Ration, handful black oil sunflower seeds, 2 scoops Dynamite Plus. Good looking for an old man, hah!

Happy Winter! Dr. Jen

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