Issue Date: 10/30/1998 Dynamite Results

Heaves From Dynamite® Senior Director Deb Burland; Ronan, MT.

The pictures are of Blazin Jet Bug. I consulted on him in May 1998 for a client after I'd been to Regan Golob's school. His condition at the time was deplorable. He was probably 300 pounds underweight, heaving audibly, and standing spraddle-legged to remain upright. At the time I told the owner what I thought his course of action should be to bring this horse back to health. I recommended original formula Dynamite®, SuperStress(tm) for heaves, no alfalfa, and 2:1(tm) , and to get his teeth worked on.


Blazin Jet Bug - before Dynamite®

The older gentleman who owned him decided that if he didn't get well with just the changes I made that day he'd give him another 30 days and then send him to the canners. He chose not to purchase any of the recommended Dynamite® products and couldn't afford to have me consult any further.

The owner called me in August to ask if I wanted to buy this horse for killer price. After a quick discussion with my husband I called him back and said we'd take him, knowing full well that the possibility existed that I didn't have all the "tools" to bring him back to health but willing to try nonetheless.

I immediately started him on MiracleClay(tm), Pelleted Grain Ration(tm) and straight grass hay. I also began balancing him on a regular basis. The funny thing is he's never shown a positive reaction at the parasite reflex point and from the looks of him in the beginning I fully expected that to be a huge issue for him. He went through about five pounds of 2:1(tm) in the first ten days. Then I added Hiscorbadyne(tm) (because that's what I had on hand!) and MSM(tm) for the heaves.

I thought all was well until he inadvertently got some alfalfa in his hay. I found him gasping for air in the corral and went to work on all the lung points ( a HUGE thanks to Kelley Mills here!), loaded him up with MSM(tm), and prayed. It took him about 16 hours to return to normal breathing, normal for him anyway.

Since then, we've been very careful not to get alfalfa in his hay, he's gained about 200 pounds, we've had the first installment of work done on this teeth, I've begun to exercise him and he's beginning to look like a horse again. I believe that heaves is allergy related because he receives grass hay in a corral and the only time I see problems is if and when he gets any alfalfa, never from the dust of the corral and I don't soak his hay.

So, Blazin Jet Bug is on his way to recovery and for that he and I are sending loads of gratitude to Jim Zamzow for the great products we have in Dynamite® and to Regan Golob for sharing his powerful knowledge with me and to Kelley Mills for complementing so very well what Regan does. Thank you all!

Blazin Jet Bug after 5 weeks on Dynamite®

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