Humi-Zyme-Plus™ – Don’t Plant Without It!

Issue Date: 06/21/2002 Dynamite Results

Humi-Zyme-Plus(tm) - Don't Plant Without It!

p6-1 Using Humi-Zyme-Plus at the time of planting will provide the plant complete nutritional support. Just enough Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium combined with loads of trace minerals all in balance with each other for maximum benefit. However, Humi-Zyme-Plus' balanced nutrition is only part of the story!Humi-Zyme-Plus also innoculates the root zone of your plants with a beneficial fungus called Mycorrhizae. This fungus develops a symbiotic relationship with the plant wherein the fungus provides nutrients and water and the plant shares simple sugars. The fungus, in an effort to grow and expand itself, stimulates the plant to create new roots, which in turn supports more fungus that stimulates more roots and on and on. The result is that newly planted or transplanted plants have less transplant shock and establish dramatically faster. Humi-Zyme-Plus will work on nearly every plant on the planet, and in all soil types.The camellia cuttings on the left show the dramatic difference that Mycorrhizae can make!

- Jos Zamzow, Fertilizer Division Manager


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