Humi-Zyme RX™ Crops

Issue Date: 05/01/1999 Dynamite Results

Humi-Zyme RX(tm) Crops From Dynamite Director Terri Olson, Walla Walla, WA
I just wanted to let you know what an incredible product I think we have in Humi-Zyme RX(tm). About seven acres we lease to a farmer was put into wheat last year. We put Humi-Zyme RX(tm) on a 14 foot strip through the middle of the field. We used about 20 gallons per acre. I took samples right before harvest of the Humi-Zyme RX(tm) area, and the wheat on both sides. We found rust (a wheat disease) on both sides of the Humi-Zyme RX(tm) wheat. We found no evidence of it in the Humi-Zyme RX(tm) area. The kernels were noticeably larger and fuller, and there wer more kernels per beard. The stalks were also bigger.

We also put 50 gallons per acre on some Walla Walla sweet onions last spring. The farmer was amazed at the storability difference between the Humi-Zyme RX(tm) onion and the conventional one. The pictures were taken on September 30. The Humi-Zyme RX(tm) onion on the left lasted through the end of October. We are now trying it on a field infested with white rot, and so far so good. As of April 10, there is NO white rot showing up on the onions! (Update, May 7, 1999 -- still no white rot. See the photo below...........)

The last picture is of one of my famous cucumbers, using about two gallons of Humi-Zyme RX(tm) on a 10 x 20 foot garden area. The inside was perfect, and it was really sweet. Can't wait for all of this year's Humi-Zyme RX(tm) results to come in. Congratulations, Dynamite®, on yet another awesome product!
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HumiZyme RX(tm) wheat is in the center! HumiZyme RX(tm) cuke!

HumiZyme RX(tm) onion is on the left - amazing storability!

NPK onions on the left
HumiZymeRX(tm) onions on the right, showing NO
signs of the white rot as of early May!

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