Humi-ZymeRX™ Results!

Issue Date: 07/24/1999 Dynamite Results

Humi-ZymeRX(tm) Results! (photos) Soil conditions dictate what and how plants grow. Our goal at Dynamite Marketing has been to create a product which will perfectly fertilize and condition the soil. After years of testing, we have produced Humi-ZymeRX(tm), using a patented process that breaks down organic materials (recycled byproducts of the food industry) to their colloid state (microscopic particle size) and then bonds N-P-K and other nutrients to the organic colloid under controlled conditions. Humi-ZymeRX(tm) increases yield and quality, does not leach, and achieves a perfectly fertile soil in which plants will thrive. Unlike traditional chemical fertilizers, there are no toxic chemicals leached into the groundwater. As a colloidal fertilizer, Humi-ZymeRX(tm) actually becomes part of the soil structure, and changes the way plants receive their nutrients. Plants can select what they need, when they need it, and are not forced to feed when they only want to take up water, as they must do when water-soluble conventional fertilizers are used. Maximum growth and maturity for a high quality crop, and the vigor to resist insects and disease, is the our goal with Humi-ZymeRX(tm). We proudly present for your consideration some Humi-ZymeRX(tm) results under field conditions in the growing seasons of 1997 and 1998. For more information on this amazing product, select Product Information on this website.

Caldwell, Idaho

In photo 1, the lower section had been fertilized according to soil
test recommendations by a local fertilizer company. The upper
section was fertilized with Humi-ZymeRX. The conventional
NPK section had a darker green color in the early spring, but dark
green color does not necessarily mean healthier plants.
To the row, the NPK side lodged (fell over due to weak stems), photo 2.

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