HumiZyme RX — The Amazing Green Blob!

Issue Date: 12/12/1999 Dynamite Results

HumiZyme RX -- The Amazing Green Blob! From Dynamite Gold Director Judy Sinner, Selah, WA

Does Humi-Zyme RX(tm) affect water insoak, soil properties and weed control? See what you think .............

In early April of 1999, I had Bruce come to apply my barrels of HZ to my horse farm. I have really compacted clay, toxic from the previous owner's copious applications of soil sterilant. As we finished spraying the HZ on a row of junipers along my driveway, Bruce cleaned out the pump by spraying water out onto a small area of my neighbor's unused and unwatered pasture. Of course the HZ residue was in the water. A couple of weeks later, I noticed that the grass was growing vigorously in that area. So I have taken photos from up the road of the "green blob" in the pasture, as we have progressed through the season. The first photo below was taken in early July, after lots of hot dry Eastern Washington summer, and you can see that it is still very green while the unsprayed area has browned up. The really interesting thing is that the weeds stop right at the borders of the treated area, and also the cheat grass did not flourish in that area, just the pasture grass and an occasional bit of alfalfa that was in the original pasture mix.

The second photo below was taken in early September, and remember again, no water on this pasture all summer. He just keeps it mowed to look nice, no animals on it either. Still green, still no weeds. I am very interested to see how the "green blob" does through the winter, and how the HZ treatment affects water insoak and especially snow melt, as this whole hillside is usually one of the last areas in the neighborhood to warm up and melt off.

So, not exactly a scientific test, but certainly a great verification of the potential of Humi-Zyme RX(tm) for improving water insoak and water retention, and promoting healthy plant growth and discouraging weeds. For those of you who are as intrigued as I am by the energetic differences in the treated areas, you can see the "aura" or energy field of this "green blob" recorded on the photos. It shows up as a lighter area in the background behind the Humi-Zyme RX(tm) area ........ healthy plants and soil definitely vibrate at a higher frequency!

(note: year 2000 update photos on the bottom of this page!)

July 1999, HZ treated area is in the foreground.

The HZ treated area in September 1999, after no water all summer. Notice the cheat
stops at the edge of the treated area!

February 2000, on a morning with heavy frost. The HZ treated area is just enough
warmer and darker, that the frost did not stick!

June 2000, 15 months after the initial treatment, the HZ treated area continues to show
improved water retention and foliage quality, with no water or treatment on any of the pasture!

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