Kill weeds naturally with our new Apple Cider Vinegar!

February 27, 2003

Heads up, organic gardeners!
Our Fertilizer Division Manager, Jos Zamzow, reports "killer" results in killing weeds with our new Apple Cider Vinegar. Our product incorporates the whole apple, skins and all, and is 20-30% higher in acetic acid than other quality unpasteurized vinegars on the market. Even in cold weather, grass and weeds emerging in driveway cracks were eradicated with no harmful chemicals. Jos says, "The Vinegar photos are taken right after treatment and two weeks later. The vinegar was poured on straight. I used one cup total. I am doing trials with a sprayer now....I was waiting because I didn't think it would work at all until it warmed up...I was wrong!"
So, order our new Apple Cider Vinegar (listed in the catalog under Human Products) and get a head start on those little pesky weeds before spring weather allows them to get away from you.

right after treatment

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