Moki, A Dynamite Bunny

Issue Date: 11/11/1999 Dynamite Results

Moki, A Dynamite Bunny From Dynamite® Manager Maggie Caplan, Sun City West, AZ

I want to thank you for the quick answer you gave to my question about caring for my rescue bunny, who had been abused and neglected by a former owner. After 5 months of doing Purina Rabbit Chow and what the rescue people told me with little results, I wrote you. I took your advice and started giving her the DynaPro(tm) and the Dynamite Exotics Plus(tm). About 7-10 days of taking 2 pellets of Dynamite Exotics Plus(tm) a day, and she gained noticeable weight -- using her food more efficiently! I cut back on her food a little. At the same time, I gave her the DynaPro(tm) in her water as directed. The loose stool that had persisted since we first got her has basically been solved! I have had her on fresh food for the first time in months. Before, when I tried her on a tiny piece of carrot, she got loose. Moki now gets greens and carrots and other fresh stuff daily. She is finally normal, and DynaPro(tm) did it! She thanks you, as she missed her greens. You should see her eat them, in a long continuous piece like spaghetti.

Altho she is still a bit emotionally disturbed from the abuse she had suffered, she is making great progress. I will share what I have learned about the Dynamite® products with the rescue people, who deal with hundreds of rabbits. Thank you!

Moki,before Dynamite®
OA4-2After 2 weeks

A Moki update:
Moki the bunny is now doing well on the complete feed (Complete Pelleted Grain Ration(tm) , in place of the commercial rabbit chows which she had to be forced to eat). She loves it! Her weight is good, and I am sure the quality of it is helpful to her. We had a chiropractor in for Tammi and I asked her to look at Moki, because I felt she was telling me her abuser had picked her up by her ears. The doctor said she had a couple of vertebrae out, one being in the neck and consistent with being picked up by the ears. When she put it back in, Moki's ears popped out wide apart for the first time ever. What an experience! We hope this is a further step toward helping her accept us as good people. I am using the Relax(tm) on her food twice a day. We will just keep working on her. The back issues may have been one reason she didn't like being picked up, in addition to her memories of the pain of it.

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