Navel Ill and RMSF – the Survivors!

From Dynamite Director Marlene Lynch, Edmond, OK

Here are Jack (Anatolian Shepherd) and Dancer this morning up on "Goat Mountain". Both were given death sentences from the vets, Jack for his Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever last September, Dancer from navel ill at three days old (her mom died at her birth). Dancer will be 5 weeks old tomorrow.

Dancer was given her bottle this morning snuggled in my arms in my recliner (she sleeps in the house at night) and then she was let out in the pasture to learn to be a goat (we are working on it daily!) and look where she decided to go, right to the top of Goat Mountain. (You go girl!) Jack knows Dancer is special like him and he does not leave her unattended in the pasture.

Jack and Dancer


I would happily travel around the world to tell how sick these kids were and the vet's telling me that their chance of living was slim to none, but little did they know I had an arsenal of Dynamite products at home and a Dynamite support team to help me out. :o)
It's all wonderful.

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