Orphan foal thrives on Dynamite!

April 10, 2004

From Dynamite Senior Director Deb Burland, Loveland, CO

"Hank was born on March 30, 2004. He's out of APHA parents Lil Dolly Norfleet and by a son of Silent Print. Dolly has been a Dynamite mare for 4 years but sometimes even Dynamite can't prevent death. Dolly was in pasture with my other mares when she foaled. I checked her and Hank about 6 hours post-foaling and everything seemed OK, mare had cleaned, Hank had passed foal meconium, both resting comfortably. Day 2 I went to the pasture and checked and all seemed fine. Day 3 my second mare had foaled and her baby had been stolen by another mare. The man that owned the pasture called in a panic because he couldn't tell what mare the baby belonged to. I immediately went to the pasture and took care of the kidnapping situation. That's when the landowner told me that Dolly had been lying down most of the time since early afternoon the day before. I loaded both mares and foals into the trailer and brought them to the house. Dolly's heartbeat was causing her body to pound, I didn't even have time to temp her. I had someone call the vet and tell them to wait at the office for me as it was already 3:30 PM and I was at least an hour away. Dolly and Hank went back into the trailer and I started down the road. I got to the turnoff and pulled over to make sure she was still standing and hadn't fallen on Hank. She had passed away between the time I left the house and stopped at the intersection, 15 miles.

Hank nursed my other mare until we got milk replacer for him. I mix a little Excel(tm) in the milk replacer and at each feeding I try to encourage some TNT(tm) nibbling. I had given Hank to Ken when Hank was born. I often try to find homes immediately for breeding stock colts. Hank follows Ken around the ranch like a dog and on the day the picture was taken Ken had been working in the yard. The sun was warming the ground, Hank had been wandering around behind Ken and a nap seemed to be in order. Ken laid down and Pepper, the dog, flopped down beside him. I guess Hank decided that a nap looked inviting as well because he folded his legs under him and down he went, the cute part was he just dropped his head onto Ken's chest and closed his eyes and went to sleep."
(for an article on a Dynamite protocol for orphan foals, contact [email protected] )

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