Powerhouse Foals on Dynamite

July 9 2006

From Dynamite Bronze Director Sally Ann Maas, Redlands, CA
"I've been a warmblood breeder for about 15 years and a Dynamite rep for 10 plus years.
I see photos of newborn babies and one can count their ribs. Mine arrive in good flesh with silky coats. My vet saw my filly the day after she was born and said she looks like a one month old!! She weighed 140 lbs! Now that she is one month old, he says she looks one month older than she really is. We use Regular Dynamite and Breeder Pac all year, along with the free choices.The picture of her getting up on her feet after only three attempts shows her still wet.The other photo of her is at two days before her one month birthday. What a power house!! The filly is by the Westphalian stallion, Pablo, out of our homebred Dutch mare, Mariah."

h7-1 (2)
Minutes old, already up.......
28 days old!

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