Raising Hay: to HumiZyme or not to HumiZyme

Issue Date: 09/04/2007 Dynamite Results

Raising Hay: to HumiZyme or not to HumiZyme.....you be the judge! (with 2008 update!) From Dynamite Supervisor Anita Nelson, Hermiston, OR

We finally have the second cut of hay on the ground. As of yesterday. The big question is, To HMZ? or not? I'll let you decide if it's worth it.

The neighbor's field. Commercial fertilizer. One spring time application.

My field with HumiZyme!

We got the hay off the the field today, and stacked in the hay shed. Overflow hay went on pallets and I'll tarp tomorrow in anticipation of the predicted rain showers. Anyway.....................drum roll here............final tally on the hay? Three ton, count 'em! Three ton off my field. There's a scale on the stacker. Is that awesome or what? Off two acres. I'm sure having irrigation helps those numbers, but that is the most hay we've ever gotten off our pasture. Chemicals can't do this. My neighbor's now want HMZ for their field. They really wanted to know how we did that, so Terry told them. I've talked to them about the HMZ before, sort of in passing, but the number of tons make the difference. One field at a time. I still can't believe we got that much hay off two acres. I'm stunned! Just thought I'd pass that corrected weight on. Am I a farmer now? 🙂

June 2008 Update:
Hay! You're not gonna believe this!
If I wasn't so tired I'd be jumping for joy! I may be gettin' too old for this! After many starts and stops due to a malfunctioning baler yesterday, we made it! 77 bales for my two acres, at 80 to 100 lbs per bale. Not bad. That's 20 more than last year's first cut, but we were late cutting this year so the grass was taller.
Now. Are you sitting down? Last year the neighbor's got 37 bales on their first cut. They have a little over three acres, maybe 3 1/2 in hay. So far they've pulled 136 bales off the field and have more to go. I'll know what the count is for sure tomorrow when they finish picking it up off the field. (Final count: 201!) Needless to say the neighbors are ecstatic and a bit twitter pated right now. They're having a hard time believing the difference. Actually I am too. They have already told me they will be ordering HMZ (again) this fall. Ya think LOL? They took some pictures of their field and said they'd email them to me so I can share with the Dynamite crew. I told them my "superiors" are very interested in the progress we're making here with the HMZ and would like to see the pictures of their field. Wound 'em up a little. I'm going to give them a little HMZ Plus to try on a "dead" spot in their yard. See what we can do with that. Might as well wind 'em up a little more. So that's the hay report. The Little Dudes Rule!! The neighbor did make one sweaty comment that if the microbes work this well, he wasn't sure he wanted any more of them. He'll be fine tomorrow when he's cooled off and rested. Nita

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