Resurrection with HumiZyme RX!

Issue Date: 05/07/2000 Dynamite Results

Resurrection with HumiZyme RX! From Dynamite Gold Executive Director Judy Sinner, Selah, WA

Here are dramatic before and after photos of "The Bush Formerly Known As Dead"! When I bought my farm in 1992, the former owner had copiously treated walkways and unplanted areas with chemicals and soil sterilants. This poor shrub, being on the end of a row, had received a double whammy and was seriously trying to be firewood. Many people thought I was crazy for even trying to revive it, because it was pretty unattractive to be right by my front door. But, I believe in our products, so I began treating it several times a year with HumiZymeRX(tm) about 3 years ago, and misting it with Prescription Treatment(tm), too. First little green shoots started to appear, and the total transformation has taken a couple of growing seasons, but here we are in May of 2000! You will notice that even its neighbor on the left is much happier.

Before HumiZyme RX - 1997
May 2000

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