Rosi’s Dynamite® Miracle Foal

Issue Date: 02/24/2001 Dynamite Results

Rosi's Dynamite® Miracle Foal From Dynamite® Senior Director Rosi Whited, Dewey, AZ


Three years ago my very special *Bask granddaughter was diagnosed with a very badly deteriorated uterus. Several vets throughout the country said she had only a 1 in 5 chance of conceiving and if she did conceive, only 20% chance of carrying to full term and no estimate of her chances of having a live baby. They, also, told me that without a stallion being next to her for breeding and hormone stimulation, she would probably never have a baby. Well isn't that just great! All I ever owned was my precious broodmares and a couple of geldings. I didn't know a single thing about stallions, owning stallions, breeding stallions or where I would ever find a stallion of such quality that I could afford to match the quality of my beautiful Maudy. When you have nothing to lose, ask for a miracle. So I did. I began my search for the ultimate dietary supplements and feed. I couldn't even think about a stallion. I had to just concentrate on Maudy. I made phone calls to feed companies, called colleges, called breeding facilities all over the United States and to no avail. I was at a complete standstill. It seemed as if I was even being hurled backwards. Everybody said, "Just give up on a baby and be happy you have her!" I have never given up on anything and I was not about to start with Maudy. I would rub her body with my hands and talk to her. Allen, my husband, would tell her how beautiful she was and prance her into our tiny arena and sing songs to her about how smart she was and how much we loved her and on and on. Then came the Scottsdale All Arabian Horse Show. My dear Allen loaded a very depressed "ME" into the car for my birthday and took me to the show! As we entered the big tent, we somehow lost each other - but guess where we found each other !@#$%A&* - THE DYNAMITE® BOOTH!!!!!! (Miracle #1) Allen got there first (4 seconds before me) and Jim & Almuth Mason were already talking to him about Dynamite®. They were discussing Dyna-Pro(tm) and as soon as they were done I began my questions about Maudy. They actually gave me hope. They were the only ones up until then. To shorten a very long story, we started Maudy on Dynamite® and Breeder Pac(tm). Well, how can you give just one horse the good stuff and not give it to the others. Soon all 10 horses were on it. Now, to find a stallion, or I should say a stallion owner who would work with me knowing I couldn't afford months of breeding and boarding, unrefundable breeding bookings and fees etc. I had just purchased a precious young colt with the hopes of Him growing up to be my potential herd sire. He was at a training facility in Phoenix with Lori Council. (Miracle #2) Lori owned a gorgeous stallion and after we became friends she lovingly said she would help me. No charge for anything unless Maudy conceived. We hauled Maudy down to Lori and began breeding. Maudy cycled every 9 days, was in heat 2-3 days, and then out. She was a willing and gentle breeder but did not conceive. We ended up bringing her home after Lori's stallion became very ill. My husband and I decided we would consciously put out to the world our desire to have a gentle, well bred, well trained, easy breeding stallion. One that I could handle (I was a completely green novice). 30 days after bringing Maudy home my phone rang. It was a trainer in Scottsdale whose barns I had visited 1 year prior and who had three *Bask sons. He asked me if I was the lady who had stood and cried outside "that old chestnut stallion's stall" and I cooly said, "Yes, what of it?" To which he replied, "well, we don't want him anymore and we wondered if you did?" I was completely beside myself. I choked out a response of "OH YES" and he was delivered in 1 week. (Miracle #3) I was the new owner of a *Bask son - Jeramiah, age 25. I held him for days. I stalled him next to Maudy. They loved each other. It was love at first sight. They shnoozled morning noon and night. It truly was love at first sight. I called my vet out to help me with the first breeding. I was so excited, scared, anxious, nervous and whatever else you can think of that I almost passed out when the breeding was done. (What a relief to find out that Jeramiah knew everything he needed to do and showed me what to do as well). The vet collected the sperm and looked up from my microscope and said his count was about a bazillion. (Miracle #4) My husband and I faithfully teased Maudy each day, bred her every day she was in heat - which was usually only 2, and finally in late August decided to stop until the spring. January rolled around and Maudy continually had been stalled next to Jeramiah, teased with Jeramiah and they had even had their halters hung next to each other's the entire time. On January 15 I told myself, "she sure is packing away the groceries". On January 27 I called my vet and said,"I think she may be pregnant - do a blood test". I will never forget the day he called and confirmed the pregnancy. My husband and daughter and I hugged and cried in the freezing cold as we realized we, Maudy, was going to have a little miracle baby. There was never any doubt in any of our minds that it would be healthy and born completely perfect and happy. On July 9 (the day of my other old mare's birthday and death), Maudy had a perfect little colt. He was 3 weeks early, but he was perfect. Jeramiah nickered to Maudy for weeks. I know he knew that little baby was special. His name is "MO BASK" and he is my Dynamite® little miracle baby!!!!!

I thank God for every single person at Dynamite® who helps all of us to help all of our loved ones. I thank God for His never ending care and protection and direction (how else would we have made our way to a Dynamite® Booth at Scottsdale to meet Jim and Almuth). I thank God for Judy Sinner who ALWAYS has time to help anyone in need (and who assured me the Breeder Pac(tm) would work its' miracle). I thank God for Regan who shares so generously of himself so that we all can experience a higher elevation of consciousness and good health.


Maudy and Mo Bask

Flash! Maudy is back in foal for 2002!

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