Sandman, Abandoned in the Everglades – then and now!

Issue Date: 09/27/1999 Dynamite Results

Sandman, Abandoned in the Everglades - then and now! From Dynamite® Director Julie Anderson-Barker, Citra, FL

Last year we rescued a delightful Thoroughbred who had been turned out (abandoned, actually) in the Everglades for over a year, after an inauspicious racetrack career. Morgan Silver, at Horse Protection Agency in south Florida, called us to come and get him for our Exceptional Equestrians Program. She does a great job in helping horses get a new start.

We had much to do with him (obviously) but all he could do was improve, and improve he did. After my husband Kennon and I met Regan Golob and Judy Sinner at a seminar in Montana last summer, we became Dynamite® reps and Sandman started looking better and better.

He was initially unrideable because his feet were so bad. Kennon is a farrier, so after Sandman had been on regular Dynamite® and DynaHoof(tm) for 3 months he finally had enough hoof to trim and solid enough growth to tack shoes on. He was way down on his angles though, and looked like he was walking directly on his heels.

In February of this year, 1999, we had Regan and Judy come do a seminar here in Florida with us. Regan told Kennon how to change his angles with Wound Balm(tm) and Lily Pads, so we did that in March and got about a 10 degree change with his shoes. He is now sound, happy and rideable! A truly Dynamite® horse!!

Sandman, near death upon his rescue from the Everglades, 3/2/98

Sandman and Julie Barker today, "with Dynamite® and love"!

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