Senior Pets Thrive on Dynamite®!

May 27, 2003

From Dynamite Director Yvonne Welz, Arizona
We have two geriatric pets who have benefitted so much from Dynamite® supplements and foods, that I just had to share Kayak and Sasha's stories!

Kayak, the "energizer bunny" dog!
Look at that happy little face! Kayak is a 16 year old miniature American Eskimo that I bought as a young puppy. He¹s always been adorable and energetic, but a couple years ago he began to slow down. Since he was getting older, we figured that was to be expected. Then I started him on Dynamite Dog Food over a year ago, and he turned back into the "energizer bunny" again. Both he and the "younger" dog (12 yo German Shepherd cross) have found the fountain of youth, and "de-aged" in this last year. Kayak has always had allergies and respiratory problems - probably breed related. It was very mild - sneezing and wheezing occasionally. A few months ago, it got serious. It began with a constant drainage out his nostrils, then progressed to bloody drainage. I was really scared that this was the end for him. I was not willing to take him to the vet, because he was way overdue for the official vaccinations (I¹ve always vaccinated them sparingly - only every 3 years as is required by law for the rabies), and I will not allow him to be vaccinated again. I also didn¹t know what the vet could offer me - as I would refuse any surgery or drugs. So I decided to try some Dynamite® products, and put together a group of items that I felt would help him. I mixed up Dyna Pro(tm), Solace(tm), Hiscorbadyne(tm), and Trace Minerals(tm) into some Dynamite Canned Cat Food, and fed him this mixture for 5 days. That took care of the problem! His nasal drainage completely cleared up, and has not returned! Even better, he has been happier, healthier and spunkier than before!

Sasha, 17 year old cat, gets a new lease on life!
Sasha is a siamese/tabby cross that has been sickly since she was about 2 years old. She developed urinary tract infections, phobias, and she just seemed to be "out of it." My husband would joke that the lights were on, but no one was home. We never expected her to live very long, but she did - I feel partly due to to the fact that she was so scared of vet trips, I stopped vaccinating her after age two. Just 1 1/2 years ago (at age 15), this was Sasha:
-cross-eyed, so badly she could hardly see
-coughing and hacking constantly - terrible wracking coughs
-crippled in hind legs, could hardly hobble around
-losing hair in patches on her body, one patch on back of her neck had been bald for 2 years
-hair greasy and matted
-she never groomed herself
-would freak out at everything, spent most of her time alone and hiding, anti-social
-brown spots (liver spots?) covering entire pink nose
I really thought I was going to have to put her down. In fact, on at least three occasions, I made the decision to do so, then decided to procrastinate just a little longer...
Enter Dynamite®. A little over a year ago, I started feeding her Dynamite® products. I slowly added Dynamite Dog Food, Purrrformance(tm), then Liquid Purrrformance(tm), finally Canned Cat Food. With every Dynamite® product I added she improved. I can¹t rave enough about the Canned Cat Food, because that is what really turned her around - it was so fast and dramatic. My husband even noticed - one day he looked at her and said, "My goodness, she¹s not as cross-eyed as she used to be!" used Dynamite® Wound Balm on her bald spot, and within 2 weeks all the hair had grown back - it was a miracle! She started grooming herself again, and all the brown spots on her nose disappeared! The coughing is completely gone, and she walks just fine, in fact sometimes runs around a bit! The most amazing thing is that she came back to life mentally and emotionally, too. Now she follows me around the house, purring at my feet. A few months ago, I caught her running around the bedroom playing with a ball for first time in 10+ years! She¹s also been caught play fighting with one of the other cats, and she was hissing for the first time in her life!! She plays regularly now with cat toys. She is no longer scared of things, comes out to greet guests, and is very social. It really is never too late to enjoy good health!


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